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Victoria Mortimer
Founder of UKVM
Doing her best to support local

Who are we

The UK Virtual Market is an online marketplace showcasing the best small businesses across the country. We are everything you are looking for, from original art to specialist haircare, we have Ayurveda experts and singing taxi drivers dressed as nuns. We are not a craft market, we are a market that provides you, the customer with as wide a choice of products as we can. Whether you are looking for a treat for yourself, a gift for the other half, kids or even a night out which needs planned, this market will serve you well.

What we do

We bring all these amazing small businesses to your fingertips.
Our website will provide you with the closest businesses to the location of your choice, this may be yours or whoever you are buying for. This can make life easier as it means postage can be reduced, returns easier (although we are not expecting you to be returning anything as everything is fabulous), and it means you are helping communities that matter to you and your loved ones.
Shopping has never been so easy.

Why we do it

Simple. Small businesses are amazing. However, they are small, and don’t have mass products coming off a production line. They are hardworking individuals trying to build their brand. They don’t want to be a small business so we are here to help them grow and WOW it is so fantastic to be a small part of their journey. The best thing about this market is our sense of community and getting to know everyone – when you become a customer you will also get to know these wonderful personalities. You won’t get that if you shop big.
Happy Shopping!

How We Got Here

UKVM was born from a want of helping small, local businesses in difficult times. In October 2020 I created a Facebook group called Scotland’s Virtual Market, which was only meant to be a platform to help with sales over the christmas period while in the middle of a pandemic. With shops closed and online sales a must, it was a tough time for many. The “Christmas Market” was such a huge success and saw over 600 Scottish businesses join the group and established a member capacity of around 10,000. It soon became clear that this group was not just another way of buying and selling, it became a community. We were all supporting one another it was therefore evident that this should continue – thus becoming a year round market. Stripped back and focusing, as always, on showcasing wonderful businesses and their talented owners, the Facebook group once again needed to evolve. With so many enquiries for companies wishing to be involved from all over the country and gaining many more members, it made sense to create a bigger, more secure platform, inclusive of the whole of the United Kingdom. I am so proud of where we have got to in these hard times and in just a few months. Remember; shop small, shop independent and support local.